Orbit8’s innovative algorithm, combined with our range of
global connections, enables our clients to source and raise capital.
A whole of market approach built specifically for the SME sector.

What We Do

Finding the right capital can be an arduous process often leading down rabbit holes, wasting time, effort and management resource. We take that burden off your hands as we take a complete and holistic approach to the finance markets, that is tailored to your companies unique requirements.

We are continually analysing the sweet spots of the investment groups we deal with, across multiple industries and investment markets. That, coupled with our personal contacts amounting thousands of funds and institutions in the UK, US, Middle East and South East Asia, places us in the perfect position to find the capital your business requires under the right terms.

We also offer advice and guidance throughout the entire process, including by providing initial feedback on your company documentation prior to presenting it to investors. We do everything we can to make sure that your pitch is investment ready and perfect for your intended investors.

Who We Are

We are a group of individuals who have forged their way in the capital markets over the past couple of decades with far-reaching contacts and connections. We have specialists in many sectors with a keen focus on Media and Technology, Healthcare, Consumer durables, OEM, Food and Beverage, Horticulture and Agriculture. We seek to assist promising companies throughout any stage of their development from start up to seasoned entity. We have many powerful investing partners who are actively seeking transactions, and we are constantly expanding our range of them.

We take no more than 8 clients on at any one given time meaning we can dedicate our time to your business without distraction, and curate our investor database according to your unique company needs. You will be allocated an account manager who will work closely with you throughout the process, ensuring your company is successful in getting the right funding.

Become an Investor

Join the tens of thousands of retail investors and the plethora of Institutions and be the first to see the exciting projects we are working on. The initial investors often take a significant advantage with very attractive terms for the early capital raising rounds and with sensible discounts to open market prices for public entities.

Send an email via our contact form to be added to our database. Make sure to mention what area you specialise in so that we can send you relevant investment opportunities when they arise.

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